With more than ten years of experience,
Translatys has specialized in intercultural communication
consulting in four different fields of activity,
all of which have one thing in common:
the creativity that lies at their heart


Sharing a taste for excellence

Clocks and watches
including luxury lines
High-end Jewellery
Luxury hotels

The business of translation in the luxury goods and services sector is above all about subtlety. Knowing how to transmit a sense of glamour and status are key.

For example, the sphere of luxury watchmaking demands an understanding of state-of-the-art technology and a flowing, almost poetic style of writing.

Complete mastery of terminology, painstaking care in the choice of words, the treatment of the brand’s identity as sacrosanct…its adherence to all of these strict criteria have cemented Translatys’ reputation in the luxury goods and services sector.


Instruction manuals, product information, press releases, sales catalogues, brochures, pamphlets, portfolios,…


When creative translation really comes into its own

Art Galleries
Corporate Patronage
Cultural Attractions
Tourist Offices

Translation in the area of the arts is first and foremost an invitation for the reader to embark on a cultural journey. Translators specializing in this field have a passion for and a real understanding of the arts. Our translators include painters, sculptors, illustrators, art historians and graphic designers working for the biggest museums in France and the rest of Europe.


Books, texts for museum displays and labels, translation of content for audio guides, lectures, leaflets…



Conveying pleasure and well-being through words

Personal care products

Ever since its foundation, Translatys has been entrusted with translation and page layout projects by the biggest names in this field.
LTranslatys translators have a real sense of ownership over the projects they’re working on. They keep up-to-date with the latest developments concerning brands and companies. Sometimes they are avid consumers of the products marketed by the client. This knowledge helps them to have a better understanding of their customers’ aims and vision.
Translatys places immense importance on understanding exactly what its clients expect of it. This, together with its capacity to faithfully convey the essence and ideas behind a business or product – in a wide range of languages – make it the first port of call for PR agencies and product marketing, research and development and corporate communications departments.


Translation of product information, press packs, websites, product launch marketing collateral, training manuals, packaging and more.


Take on the challenge of communicating across different cultures


The translators and copy-writers who work for Translatys are completely at ease with the various writing styles most suited to the translation of advertisements, press releases, news articles, email marketing campaigns, newsletters, interviews and more…
Our translators’ vision, values and adaptability are Translatys’ key qualities, qualities that make for communication that is creative, client-centred and perfectly-tailored to the profile and expectations of the target audience.


Magazines, newsletters, brand/product naming, website translation, annual reports…

Translation, adaptation, audiovisual translation, proof-reading of content for a full range of media: magazines, videos, tablet-optimized websites, internet sites, instruction leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, catalogues and more.

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