When it was founded in 2005, Translatys was one of the very first translation agencies to specialize in the fields of Beauty/Cosmetics, Luxury goods and services and the Arts. Thanks to the breadth and depth of its experience and the highly-collaborative relationship it has with its clients, Translatys is able to respond to customer needs quickly, offering quality translations and a range of related linguistic services.

Inventiveness and creative flair are our translators’ constant companions, enabling them to find the ‘mot juste’ that will convey ideas with optimal precision, regardless of the language in which they were originally expressed.

A network of experts

As a professional translator and editor since 1997, Hala Sabra combines her passion for languages with supreme confidence in the art of content creation.
A graduate of the Lebanese University’s Faculty of Information and Documentation and the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts, Hala is particularly at ease in the spheres of visual art, writing and page layout and design. A member of the Société Française des Traducteurs (the French Association of Translators) and outside speaker at the ESTRI (Ecole Supérieure de Traduction et Relations Internationales à l’Université
Catholique de Lyon – the School of Translation and International Relations at the Catholic University of Lyon) Hala Sabra specializes in translations in the fields of luxury watchmaking and high-end jewellery

Highly-experienced professional translators

To better cater to the needs of its clients, Translatys has created a long-standing network of experienced professional translators. Above and beyond their writing skills and linguistic talents, each translator boasts gifts and assets that are peculiar to them – fashionistas, painters, cosmetics experts, art historians, journalists and sculptors – enabling them to have a genuine ‘feel’ for the translations they’re working upon.


Our promise to you


Work of irreproachable quality

Our translators are chosen not just on the basis of their status as native speakers, but also for their in-depth expertise and cultural understanding of the projects entrusted to them

Service quality that’s second to none

As an agency, we pride ourselves on our accessibility, our adherence to the deadlines we have committed to, the excellence of our work and our customer service

Client confidentiality

We guarantee absolute confidentiality, no matter the nature of the project